About US

We are a growth hacking and digital marketing agency focused on helping startups and enterprises achieve fast and sustained growth. We focus on various segments of a company’s business model to maximise their growth.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

Our team consists of over 13 growth and marketing specialists and advisors with over 100 years of experience in marketing and technology. 

We act as an extended team of digital marketing and product development experts for our clients so they can focus on their core business.

We truly believe, in today’s day and age, creativity and technological innovation are the key to achieving sustained business growth. Technology allows us to explore deeper into customer behavior and streamline processes through automation.

We are building growth strategies from startups to Fortune 500 companies on a global scale and have offices in San Francisco in the US and Gurgaon in India.


Our Three Pillars


Our team approaches every challenge creativity and finds out-of-the-box solutions. We have successfully designed many creative campaigns for our clients for their short-term and long-term goals.

Tech Focused

We strongly believe companies today, should focus on keeping technology at the core of their business model to achieve significant digital results.

Data Driven

We take a data-driven approach before we take steps forward for our clients. Every strategy we put in front of our clients is backed by data.

Our Team

Manish Tahilliani

Manish Tahilliani

Founder & CEO

Gaurav Lakhani

Gaurav Lakhani


Debra Carney

Debra Carney

VP Marketing and Sales

What We Do Best

Marketplace and E-commerce Marketing

B2B Lead Generation

SAAS Product Marketing

Product Pre-launch Campaigns

Press Release and Influencer Marketing

Marketing Automation

Early Stage Traction

End to End Webinars